Easy way to make video viral on youtube

Today on this post you will know how to make the video viral and if you read this article once, then you will get to learn in simple language how to make the video viral by 2022.

 Friends, like every day, today I have again brought such a way for you guys that you guys have a youtube channel and you guys put videos but your videos are not viral, so today I am for you guys. I have brought in simple language that the way to make YouTube video viral, so it is a request to you guys to read this post completely once. If you read completely then you will understand.

 You people also upload videos on YouTube, but 100, 200 remain on your videos, not much goes to your videos, so today I will tell you some tips and if you complete it, then you People's video will definitely go viral.

 easy way to make video viral on youtube - Video viral karne ka tarika

 Now we know what is the process to make youtube videos or youtube shorts viral, before going, you guys have to keep some things in mind. You people have put a lot of videos and you get to see thousands of views on many videos, but some videos remain like this, in which you people do not get to see more views and what are we talking about today. But you will pay attention to all those people somewhere else, because it is better to read the article again and again that you note down the VVI Points that remain somewhere else.

 Today I will tell you how to make YouTube videos viral, you will understand the things from basic to advanced. You may already know some things and there are some things which you do not already know.

How to Viral YouTube Video

 You guys will get to see some steps below to make your youtube videos viral, you guys follow all the steps so that your video becomes viral as soon as possible.

 When you guys make videos, your sound quality should be good and clean.

 Always edit the video in Full HD and also upload it in Full HD.

 The average view duration of the video you upload should be at least 35% or more and you can check it with your youtube studio app.

 The video that you make should not be boring and secondly you remove the boring place by cutting it in the edit so that all your boring text gets removed and your audience stays on the video.

 When you make a video, try to explain in easy language so that the audience can learn something through your video.

 Inside the video, you hide your personal information such as mobile number, email id address, etc. If you are sleeping, then you hide it by blurring it.

 When your video is made and edited, then give maximum time to write title, tag, and description, you guys also write any title, tag, and description related to the things mentioned in the video so that your Video rank.

 Draw thumbnail for the video, on which the chance of maximum click increases.

 The image used in Thumbnail should not remain copyrighted, so you will get many applications no copyright, use the same.

 When you edit the video and the music you use, that music should be copyright free.

 If you do this much and after that your average view duration on your video is more than 35%, then the chances of your video going viral can increase.

 If you people do not know the meaning of average view duration, then I tell you the meaning of it like if you upload a 5 minute video and someone watches 1 minute video out of it, then his video is 20% average view duration goes.

 If you guys upload any video of 5 minutes and average view duration is 50% in it then you guys get a signal from youtube that your video can go viral.

You guys understand in easy language that the video you make, any people go to your video and exit after watching half the video, then your video has 90 percent chance of going viral.

 What Makes Youtube's Algorithm Video Viral?

 Whatever video goes viral on YouTube, YouTube has its own algorithm to make it viral. YouTube's system is very funny, when you understand its algorithm, then your video will get views like air.

 Whenever we upload a video to YouTube, YouTube recommends a video of us to 100 people.

 If 20 people out of 100 people watch your video, then the message goes to the algorithm of youtube, then youtube understands that its video is knowledgeable, then again youtube sends it to 500 people then you can understand in the same way. If 10% of the audience clicks on your video and 35% sees the video, then your video gets ranked.

 If 100 people go to the start itself and 20 people click and watch the video out of them but those 20 people do not watch 35% then your video youtube understands that you have no power on the video, because of which Doesn't forward to people. And in this way your video stops giving an impression.

 After a few days, YouTube comes again and sends the video to 100 people once more that 20 people out of 100 people also watch your video and 35% of the video is watched, then your video will be ranked again. possible increases.

 All the things mentioned above prove to you that whenever you make a video, make a video in which people watch at least 50% of that video, only then your video will play on YouTube and later the video will also be viral.

Some tips to make the video viral

 You people must know some things like the quality of the video should be good and you can also clickbet thumbnails.  And the sound quality of your video should be loud and clear.  In which if you open the video on any mobile, then he does not have to put ear phone.

 If you guys make very good videos and there is no sound quality in it, then people can leave your video and in this way your video will never go viral.

 Video should be in Full HD because the quality of your mobile's camera should be good or you should take a different camera, only then the quality of your video will be good and people will also like to watch.

 After telling in the video, along with being good, the picture quality of the video is also good, then the viewers keep watching.

 Ways to make YouTube video viral When you make a video, then its length should be at least 5 minutes or more than 5 minutes and whatever you are telling the video, people should understand something and do not talk nonsense about it.  You guys should pay attention to all these things become boring and due to which you can leave your video.

 On whichever topic you make a video, then you should watch the first four to five videos on YouTube so that you people will understand what you have to tell and what not to tell inside the video and try to see that in it.  What they told, then you make that video yourself and try to improve it so that the audience should understand easily.

YouTube video title, tags, description

 In video discripation, write things related to the video and mention the same in the field, this leads to seo and it may be possible for the video to go viral.

 Be it the description or the text or the title, you have to put the same keyword at once everywhere, then enter the related keyword and how you do it everywhere, then your seo is 100% unique.

 In the description, do you have any website, if you have any website, then you must share its link.

 Now let's talk about thumbnail.  You make such a thumbnail in which more people are attracted and click on the best rail and the people who click on the heart watch at least 50% of the video.  And you also write the same thing in the thumbnail about which you are telling people, only then your video will play.

 You guys have made a very nice lotus and it is getting more and more clicks and if you are showing something else in the video, then you can turn you upside down, so you guys want to make the match as good as it was and make the same related  If you have to make a video too, then it may be possible for your video to go viral in this way and YouTube will also grow the channel itself.

What to do after the video goes viral? how to make video viral

 Often we see that someone's video is heavy, then he keeps refreshing the same video again and again and forgets to make a video in front of it.

 But whenever your video is viral, again you should upload more videos on the same topic because when your video is going viral, then your other video will also become viral.

 Because your video remains in front of millions of people and some of them go to you again in front of them and in this way, if you liked watching the previous video, then they will also see your second video again and because of which your channel The boost will come and in this way every single video of yours will start going viral.

 Whenever your video is viral and you do not make a video for a long time, then the people whose browser feature was there, all that slowly goes away, then you will have to start from zero, for this you guys first Try to make videos from it and try to put videos on your channel as much as possible.

 Apart from this, if we send our videos to people on YouTube, then we should upload the regular videos.


 Today you taught how to make the video viral.  And you guys can do something like this every day through me and if you guys are new then you guys can follow this page because you will get to learn something new here every day.

 How did you like to make this video viral, you have to tell by commenting and if you guys have any problem somewhere, then you guys comment, I will reply to that comment and I will also solve your every problem.

 If you guys taught me how to make the video viral, then make a small comment to tell how the article was, one of your comments is motivational for me, then I will bring another article after this, I hope you guys also on that article  This is how we will get love.
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